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Installation of an electric car charging station at the CEEIARAGON headquarters in Zaragoza.

In order to meet the European objectives of promoting electric mobility and decarbonisation of the transport sector, it is necessary to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles and the corresponding charging infrastructure. In this context, a semi-fast charging point has just been inaugurated at the Zaragoza headquarters of CEEIARAGON, [...]

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Inauguration of an EV charging point in Viñas del Vero, operating with photovoltaic energy

Viñas del Vero, a winery under DO Somontano, continues its commitment to sustainable mobility and awareness of the need to adopt sustainable habits, with the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) recharging station. Last September, an electric vehicle recharging point was installed at Viñas del Vero winery. It was [...]

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