EV Charging point_Viñas del Vero

Viñas del Vero, a winery under DO Somontano, continues its commitment to sustainable mobility and awareness of the need to adopt sustainable habits, with the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) recharging station.

Last September, an electric vehicle recharging point was installed at Viñas del Vero winery. It was inaugurated last Wednesday, November 13th, during a conference on sustainable transport organised at the winery.

This recharging point includes mode for cars, motorcycles and electric bicycles. Its use will be free of charge for employees, customers and wine tourists, and it will be open during the winery’s opening hours.

The installation has 4 connectors, two Type 1 and two Type 2, with power supply from renewable energy sources from four photovoltaic parks installed in the winery. These photovoltaic parks were installed within the framework of the European LIFE REWIND Project, coordinated by Javier Carroquino, founding partner of Intergia. This ensures that the vehicle will be recharged with zero emissions, as it comes from a primary renewable source such as photovoltaic solar energy.

This initiative has been welcomed within the Incentive Programme for efficient and sustainable mobility, the Moves Programme of IDAE, and is intended to be a small step towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the UN. Specifically, the initiative would be attached to Objective 7, “Affordable and clean energy”, and 11, “Sustainable cities and communities”.

As for the technology, it is a semi-fast recharging pole, which reaches 22 kWh, at a current intensity of 16 A. It has the peculiarity of having an automatic load balance, which allows energy to be distributed in the event of a double simultaneous load. This allows two vehicles to be coupled to the pole at the same time for recharging.

These characteristics mean that, in one hour, the time it takes an enotourist to visit the winery, the vehicle is loaded and has sufficient autonomy to cover the distance to Barcelona, 255 km. With two hours of recharging, it will be possible to cover about 370 km.

Viñas del Vero is the first winery to have EV charging supports. However, it is not the first sustainable mobility action that González Byass, owner of the winery, is committed to. The facility already had a place for recharging hydrogen vehicles, based on the generation of this gas through hydrolysis, from renewable energies, from photovoltaic panels. This initiative was also part of the LIFE REWIND project.