Research allows us to have the most advanced technology, as well as access to relevant information to move into the future

One of the fundamental pillars of Intergia’s business strategy is to participate in research activities. We are working in areas, such as energy and sustainability, in which knowledge and technology are advancing at great speed. Therefore, knowing the State-of-the-Art and participating in its improvement is very useful.

The research developed by Intergia is transversal and multidisciplinary. This enriches the results and brings novelty by combining complementary approaches: energy, sustainability, applications to specific sectors and innovation management in organizations.

Intergia is a member of the Wine Technology Platform. It has also collaborated or is collaborating with researchers from institutions such as LIFTEC (Laboratory for Research in Fluid Dynamics and Combustion Technologies), CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), ITQ (Institute of Chemical Technology), IRI (Institute of Robotics and Industrial Computing) and the University of Zaragoza.

Our specific email adress for R&D&i is

The open lines of  research are:

Micro-grids with renewable generation

  • Energy sizing of stand-alone microgrids

  • Model predictive control (MPC)

  • Long-term energy storage (seasonal)

  • Energy storage in hydrogen

  • Energy storage in redox flow batteries

  • Optimal photovoltaic field design

  • Energy supply in critical facilities


Other information about our research can be found in the tabs of this website “Technical/Scientific Publications” and “LIFE REWIND Project”.