In order to meet the European objectives of promoting electric mobility and decarbonisation of the transport sector, it is necessary to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles and the corresponding charging infrastructure. In this context, a semi-fast charging point has just been inaugurated at the Zaragoza headquarters of CEEIARAGON, the Government of Aragon’s reference centre for the development of innovative business projects.

This is a 44 kW semi-fast charging point capable of providing service to two electric vehicles simultaneously, with a maximum power of 22 kW and 32 A three-phase current. The charger chosen for its installation is an Ingeteam model compatible with all standards, Mode 1&2, Mode 3 cables and sockets with Type 2 connector, for charging all types of electric vehicles, depending on the charging standards required.

This charging point is located outside the CEEI’s central building, at 11 María de Luna Street, occupying two delimited spaces that will be used for charging electric mobility.

The system can be used through the online platform Electromaps, which is now widely used by users to recharge their electric vehicles, as it provides information on real-time charger activity, charging status and payment possibilities.

The charging station is intended for users of the centre, including companies, startups and clusters in Aragon. For the time being, CEEIARAGON offers this service at advantageous conditions for its clients and for users who come to the centre to carry out their business and/or training, offering the first half hour of recharging free of charge. To do so, they will have to login into the Electromaps application and have their own connection hose for the vehicle.

In this way, CEEIARAGON continues its commitment to the care and protection of the environment, in this case, moving towards sustainable mobility with lower CO2 emissions. In addition, the energy supplied by this charging point is 100% renewable, as from the beginning of 2020 all electricity at CEEIARAGON has been supplied by “green energy”.

If you are interested in installing an electric vehicle charging point, do not hesitate to contact us.