In the current context, it is highly desirable that operators, professionals, managers and directors, who have to intervene or take decisions, have certain and updated criteria in the fields of energy and sustainability


Sustainability in general and energy in particular are increasingly present in all activities and it is necessary to have a certain level of information to manage and make decisions. Technology and needs change at such a speed that what was given as insurance a few years ago is now obsolete. It is enough to listen to conversations, even of a certain technical level, to see the existence of different and often misguided criteria in matters relating to the present and future of sustainability and energy.

Intergia provides its customers with information (or training) sessions for small groups (employees, professionals, managers, etc.) The specific design of the sessions will be adapted to the profile of the attendees and their sector of origin. The methodology is participatory. The adaptation to any training level of the attendees is possible, since there are speakers of the highest qualification in their fields.