Profitable small-scale renewable energy systems in agrifood industry and rural areas: demonstration in the wine sector

Program: LIFE, Climate Action, Climate Change Mitigation        Reference: LIFE13 ENV/ES/000280

Start date: 2014                                                          Finish date: 2017

Total budget: 1,562,994.00€

Description: The REWIND project, within the European LIFE programme, has the final objective of demonstrating that, in the agricultural sector and in the rural industry, the use of renewable energies is technically, environmentally and economically viable taking the wine sector as a demonstrator. Additionally, to promote its use as a regular option.

Specific Objectives

  • Systematize information on renewable resources and energy demand and identify key parameters to facilitate their future use.

  • To develop a computer application for diagnosis, applicable to any specific case in the agricultural field.

  • Develop a technical dimensioning software application that overcomes the limitations of current methods.

  • To demonstrate and validate the results/actions of the project in a specific case of the wine sector, with prototypes of renewable energy systems for agriculture (vineyard) and winemaking (winery).

  • Disseminate the project and results widely.


  • Demonstration installation in the field. Hybrid system (photovoltaic-diesel) with electric accumulation and hydrogen production, to feed the pumping of a drip irrigation in a vine field. The surplus energy is used for the production of H2 by electrolysis of the water, which is used by a multipurpose work vehicle adapted with a fuel cell.

  • Demonstration installation in the winery. Renewable generation system to feed the electricity demand of a section of the winery, the Waste Water Treatment Plant, working or self-consumption both on the island and connected to the network, to reduce the total consumption of electricity from the network.

Beneficiaries of the consortium:

  • Universidad de Zaragoza (coordinator)
  • Intergia Energia Sostenible, SL
  • LITEC-CSIC (Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas)
  • Viñas del Vero SA

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Renewable Generation Evaluation Tool

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Application for the sizing and design of renewable energy systems for use in the agricultural sector

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