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Covering slurry ponds with floating photovoltaic systems: results from the demonstration pilot

After almost a year of operation of the demonstration prototype and measurements on different areas of the slurry pond, the results obtained by the project "Alternatives in the use and control of the potential of slurry ponds" are presented, within the 2020 call for subsidies to support collaborative actions of [...]

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Irrigation with renewable energy: which technology to use?

On agricultural and livestock farms, often far from urban centres and without access to a robust electricity grid (or at all), renewable energies are an economical and sustainable option for energy storage and crop irrigation. The most suitable renewable technology in these cases is photovoltaics, due to the easy [...]

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First demonstration prototype of floating photovoltaic system on slurry pond

Floating PV technology is already an alternative to the use of land or roofs for installing solar modules on water ponds. This type of installation has certain advantages, such as eliminating the need for land or roof space for the panels, or the extra cooling provided by the water [...]

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Design and installation of a green corridor in the municipality of Azuara (Zaragoza)

As the name Intergia (Energy and Sustainability) indicates, our activity does not only consist of engineering and photovoltaic installations. We include within our expertise the study of solutions for sustainability in the rural world. On this occasion we have taken on a somewhat peculiar commission from the Azuara Town [...]

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First test run of the project for the control and use of slurry ponds

This week has been carried out one of the initial tests of the R&D project "Alternatives in the use and control of the potential of slurry ponds", framed in the 2020 call for subsidies to support collaborative actions of agents of the agricultural sector of Aragon. Recent [...]

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Intergia receives funding for collaboration in a technological innovation project for the energy use of slurry ponds

We received the start of the summertime with good news for our R&D&i line: we have recently learned that the project "Alternatives in the use and control of the potential of slurry ponds", presented in the Call for Subsidies to support collaborative actions of agents in the agricultural sector for 2020, [...]

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April summary: Intergia does not stop because of COVID-19. Last installations made

With more than a month since the quarantine was decreed behind us, we feel stronger and more hopeful, we do not give up! At Intergia, we have continued to work by applying the relevant safety measures: through the teleworking of employees from their homes and by strengthening the [...]

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Intergia participates in Presura 2019 – III Fair for the Repopulation of Rural Spain

Last Friday, November 8th, Javier Carroquino, founding partner of Intergia Energía Sostenible S.L., participated in Presura 2019, the 3rd Fair for the Repopulation of Rural Spain, where he spoke about sustainable energy as a vehicle for development of the sparsely populated Spain. The Presura Fair aims [...]

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