Does your business need a safe, profitable and sustainable energy supply? Simply let us know your needs and we will solve them

Energy is necessary for the development of any activity. Its cost impacts on that of the product or service, just as its CO2 emissions increase its carbon footprint. Moreover, if the supply is not reliable and secure, the work process will not be either. For all these reasons, supplying safe, clean, reliable and profitable energy is important for the business.

This requires that the entire process has to be carried out successfully, from the study of each specific case, to the design, the selection of components, the assembly and even the start-up. Intergia carries out these turnkey solutions with the highest levels of quality, thanks to the qualification of its team and the advanced technology.

Currently, there are companies that sell systems that are not sufficiently adapted to the case of the client or even generic photovoltaic kits. Once sold, they order their assembly from installers who are not always sufficiently qualified. This is not our philosophy. We do not assemble installations that have been designed or sold by third parties. Our assembly force is conceived as part of the service we provide to our customers, not as a business in itself.

Our goal is for customers who rely on us for their energy supply systems to be profitable and to reduce their emissions. Energy will be safe, stable, clean and trouble-free for them.

The turnkey projects carried out by Intergia cover renewable energy systems in their various variants: isolated or connected to the grid, photovoltaic or hybrid, for self-consumption or for sale to the grid. As for applications, in general all those located in the rural environment: agricultural (irrigation, warehouses, farms, food industry), buildings (town halls, rural hotels, rural houses, public facilities), water supply and treatment, remote facilities, solar farms, small and medium sized photovoltaic generation plants, etc.

The geographical area in which we carry out turnkey projects is national (peninsular Spain), although we can occasionally study specific cases outside this area.

Safety first

To carry out the assembly of any renewable energy installation, as with any other, the safety standards for people must be considered: PPEs, life lines, electrical protection…

If you want to carry out a renewable energies project, do not hesitate to contact us, ¡we are delighted to help you!