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Irrigation with renewable energy: which technology to use?

On agricultural and livestock farms, often far from urban centres and without access to a robust electricity grid (or at all), renewable energies are an economical and sustainable option for energy storage and crop irrigation. The most suitable renewable technology in these cases is photovoltaics, due to the easy [...]

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New decree on urgent measures to boost energy transition and local consumption in Aragon

On Monday 20 March, the Government of Aragon approved the new Decree-Law 1/2023, to promote its own energy model based on renewable energies and local consumption. This is a series of urgent measures to accelerate the deployment of renewables, improve industrial competitiveness and attract investment to the region. It [...]

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Intergia is 15 years old! How has the renewable energy sector evolved in this time?

The history of Intergia has been as changing as the evolution of renewable energies and their perception by society. The company, founded in 2008, started its activity in the auxiliary sector of construction and restoration of historic buildings. At that time, it was called NOVACE and provided restoration, assembly [...]

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New call for grants for investments in clean energy projects in municipalities

The call for grants for investments in local clean energy projects in demographically challenged municipalities (DUS 5000 PROGRAMME), within the framework of the Spanish Regeneration and Demographic Challenge Programme of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, is now available. The initial budget of the call amounts to a total [...]

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The call for grants for energy saving and diversification in Aragon has been published

On Tuesday 1 June, the grants for energy saving and diversification, rational use of energy and use of indigenous and renewable resources, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), were published. For this year the total amount foreseen is €3,900,000, one million less than in 2019, although this [...]

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The regulatory bases for grants for energy saving and diversification in Aragon have been published

Photo: solar photovoltaic pumping for irrigation in Lécera (Zaragoza), 3.7 kWp The regulatory bases for subsidies for energy saving and diversification, rational use of energy, use of indigenous and renewable resources and energy infrastructures, within the Aragon ERDF Programme 2014-2020, have been published in the Official Gazette of Aragon. We analyze [...]

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Collective self-consumption: we explain it easy to you

We dedicate this article to one of the most recently regulated forms of self-consumption, which is beginning to gain popularity: collective self-consumption. One of the things that the past year 2020 has taught us is the importance of self-management of difficulties and challenges, and the solidarity and [...]

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The 500 kW photovoltaic system at a Distribution Centre in Guayaquil (Ecuador) is now half a year old

It has been half a year since our colleagues travelled to Guayaquil, Ecuador, to carry out the assembly and installation of a 500 kW photovoltaic energy on the immense roof of a Distribution Centre. It is a self-consumption installation connected to the grid without accumulation, which has 1320 photovoltaic panels. The [...]

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