New technologies, new needs, greater demands: customer-oriented engineering is the guarantee of success

When we talk about energy and sustainability, new technologies come into play that were not on the market or did not even exist a few years ago. In order to use them properly and take full advantage of them, highly qualified engineers are needed, who combine experience and constantly updated training. If we add to this the study of each specific case, oriented to the needs of the client, we can guarantee that the design of the project will be optimal.

If we are also entrusted with the management of the work, we ensure that the assembly carried out by the installation companies will be a true reflection of the quality, safety and profitability expected.

The projects carried out by Intergia cover renewable energy systems in their various variants: isolated or connected to the grid, photovoltaic or hybrid, for self-consumption or for sale to the grid. As for applications, in general all those located in the rural environment: agricultural (irrigation, warehouses, farms, food industry), buildings (town halls, rural hotels, rural housing, public facilities), water supply and treatment, solar farms, photovoltaic generation plants, etc.

The geographical scope for which we project is international.

If you want to carry out an engineering project, do not hesitate to contact us.

We also take on turnkey projects, taking care of the engineering project as well as the assembly and start-up. See the “Turnkey projects” section of the website.