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Graduate in Industrial Technologies Engineering and Master's Degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency from the University of Zaragoza. R&D engineer at the company Intergia Energía Sostenible

Winter is coming… Does the cold weather affect the performance of photovoltaic panels?

Photo: bilanol One of the most common mistakes when making the decision to invest in a photovoltaic installation is to think that it will produce more energy and its performance will be greater the higher the temperatures are. After all, more temperature means more sun, and that's a good [...]

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Covering slurry ponds with floating photovoltaic systems: results from the demonstration pilot

After almost a year of operation of the demonstration prototype and measurements on different areas of the slurry pond, the results obtained by the project "Alternatives in the use and control of the potential of slurry ponds" are presented, within the 2020 call for subsidies to support collaborative actions of [...]

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VID-EXPERT project: a smart application for calculating and reducing the carbon footprint in the wine industry

Photograph: Torres Family vineyard in El Lloar (DOCa Priorat) The wine sector is particularly sensitive to climate change. To combat this, it is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, for which it is essential to know their origins and magnitudes. However, calculating the carbon footprint of vineyard [...]

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Irrigation with renewable energy: which technology to use?

On agricultural and livestock farms, often far from urban centres and without access to a robust electricity grid (or at all), renewable energies are an economical and sustainable option for energy storage and crop irrigation. The most suitable renewable technology in these cases is photovoltaics, due to the easy [...]

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An engineer in every school 2023: Intergia in the municipalities of Huesca and Teruel

Once again, the Intergia girls are taking part in the activity "An engineer in every school", organised by AMIT. This year, having added staff, we have managed to cover more schools and we have reached more children in the schools of Híjar, in Teruel and Belver de Cinca and [...]

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New decree on urgent measures to boost energy transition and local consumption in Aragon

On Monday 20 March, the Government of Aragon approved the new Decree-Law 1/2023, to promote its own energy model based on renewable energies and local consumption. This is a series of urgent measures to accelerate the deployment of renewables, improve industrial competitiveness and attract investment to the region. It [...]

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Calculating the organisation’s carbon footprint: voluntary or mandatory?

More and more legislative steps are being taken towards the ecological transition and a more sustainable model, following the guidelines of the European Green New Deal. Grants are emerging for the implementation of renewable energy technologies and energy storage, to improve the energy efficiency of equipment and installations, the [...]

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Intergia is 15 years old! How has the renewable energy sector evolved in this time?

The history of Intergia has been as changing as the evolution of renewable energies and their perception by society. The company, founded in 2008, started its activity in the auxiliary sector of construction and restoration of historic buildings. At that time, it was called NOVACE and provided restoration, assembly [...]

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FEV presents the SWfCP “Sustainable Wineries for Climate Protection” sustainability label

Last Monday, 28th November, we attended the presentation of the Sustainable Wineries for Climate Protection seal in the Assembly Hall of the Ministry of Agriculture, in Madrid, by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV, by its Spanish acronymn). This seal and certification scheme defines the criteria that a sustainable winery [...]

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