GENERA 2020 attracted more than 14,000 visitors, with over 187 exhibitors. We were able to discover the most innovative trends in renewable energy technologies, distribution and energy efficiency, with the solar sector playing a major role.

Yesterday we visited the International Energy and Environment Fair GENERA 2020, in Madrid, which takes place from the 5th to the 7th of February.

GENERA 2020 is aligned with the Sustainable Development Objectives and good practices in this area, following the recommendations of the IDAE, the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, of the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, who the promoter of the Fair.

The Fair is framed within the strategic axes of Sustainability, Innovation and Business, and presents the solutions proposed by the industry to the main challenges of the sector, seeking the integration of renewable energies to ensure a sustainable future.

More than 14,000 visitors come to GENERA: investors, designers, engineers, installers, maintainers and professionals specialised in this market, with more than 187 exhibitors. The event welcomes the main stakeholders in renewable energies. It offers companies and professionals in the sector a platform for commercial contact and first-hand knowledge of innovative trends in the technologies that mark the evolution of the renewable energy, distribution and energy efficiency industry. It presents technologies for renewable generation, cogeneration and energy recovery from waste. This year, the Fair also focuses on showing the market’s response to the new regulatory framework, which places the citizen at the center of the energy model, giving importance to the issues of self-consumption, energy storage, sustainable mobility and aggregation or local energy communities and markets.

During yesterday’s Fair we could see the current trends in renewable generation technologies and their accessories, especially, photovoltaic solar generation: solar panels increasingly powerful and with a higher energy density, inverters and batteries with a tendency to be increasingly compact and efficient. We were able to listen to the talk on the novelties in the sector, by the company BYD, invited by the supply company ORDUÑA.

The solar sector was especially represented in GENERA, with a specific space to address the moment this sector is going through, with special interest in decarbonization and self-consumption. It was in this space, GENERA SOLAR, where we attended the lectures on Digitalization in the photovoltaic sector in collaboration with FOTOPLAT, organized by UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union). These talks were about the advantages of bifacial photovoltaic panels and about the integration of solar photovoltaic in building facades and roofs. Success stories were presented on both subjects.