Ayudas sector vino 2021

On December 18th, the call for subsidies for investments in the wine sector for the year 2021 was published in the Boletin Oficial de Aragon.

Take a look at one of our most emblematic projects, which brought renewable energies to the Viñas del Vero winery: LIFE REWIND

This call is part of the objectives defined in the Strategic Plan for Subsidies of the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment 2020-2023, specifically within the program to support the wine sector, which, as reported by the Department in a press release, will mean “greater efficiency” in the implementation of funds for this sector in Spain.

The purpose of the aid is to improve the overall performance of companies in the wine sector and their adaptation to market demands, increasing their competitiveness.

The procedure for the award of subsidies is carried out on a competitive basis, in accordance with the principles of publicity, objectivity, transparency, equality and non-discrimination. Therefore, the final amount of the subsidies will depend on the final score obtained by the projects presented, although 8.5 million euros are foreseen.

Tangible or intangible investments in processing facilities and wine infrastructure; investments in marketing structures and instruments; and investments aimed at promoting energy savings, overall energy efficiency and sustainable processes are eligible for the subsidy, which must be allocated to a maximum of two consecutive financial years.

The beneficiaries of this measure may be: wine companies, wine producers’ organizations, associations of two or more producers and interprofessional organizations.

The maximum percentage of aid in relation to eligible investment costs will be 40%, and the deadline for submitting applications is January 31, 2021.

Some of the strategic objectives of the operations of the investment measure are: to promote the integral sustainability of the industries, in their economic, social and environmental spheres; to promote sustainable processes from the environmental point of view through energy saving, global energy efficiency, the use of renewable energies and the recovery and treatment of waste; and to promote the environmental certification of the installations of the wine companies.

Within the priority criteria for the evaluation of the projects, there is the use of renewable energies for own consumption, which includes photovoltaic solar energy.

At Intergia we have extensive experience in the installation of photovoltaic energy for self-consumption, both isolated and connected to the grid, in installations in the wine sector.

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