The safe and cost-effective supply of electricity without the need for a grid connection is now perfectly possible

In the past, it was considered almost essential to be connected to the electricity grid in order to have electricity available. In urban areas the network is usually present, with an acceptable quality and cost. However, in rural areas connection costs can be very high and the quality of service limited. Building a power line in a semi-natural environment usually has a high economic, landscape, environmental and easement impact. Thus for isolated locations or sporadic supplies, the alternative was diesel generator sets: dirty, noisy and needing costly operation and maintenance.

Today, new technologies make it possible to change this situation: renewable generation, hybrid generation, accumulation, demand management and predictive control. At Intergia we have the highest qualification in these technologies, thanks to our R&D activity in isolated microgrids, which differentiates us from our competitors. Therefore, we are able to offer our customers the best solutions, which will satisfy their energy needs in a safe, reliable and profitable way.

Execution mode

The first step is to understand and study the needs of each client: only then is it possible to design the right solution. The simplified design procedures usually used for grid-connected installations do not apply here. If the supply is not able to cover the demand, the electricity network is not there to take the missing energy from it. At Intergia we use simulation and optimization methods, including heuristics, to ensure that the system will meet the needs of the customer’s facility.

Throughout our activity, we have found with certain frequency isolated generation systems that fall and stop working when faced with events such as engine starting, atmospheric discharges, battery failures, etc. Some people even consider it inevitable and therefore advise against isolated systems. In reality, these are only poor quality systems, which if they had been well designed and installed would not suffer any of these problems.

In summary, at Intergia we study each specific case to advise on the most appropriate type of supply, including all factors such as security, reliability and profitability, with or without connection to the electricity grid.

If you have any doubts about your standalone photovoltaic installation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Examples of standalone installations made