Urieta Lazaro_dron_may

Drone view of the 100 kW installation on the roof of the Urieta Lázaro pig farm, in Lécera (Zaragoza).

We review the activity of Intergia during this month of May, which has already brought us the heat of summer:

In mid-May we completed the installation of a 10 kW rooftop system on a pig farm in Plenas, Zaragoza.

We also carried out the second phase of a photovoltaic installation for a poultry farm in Alagón, Zaragoza. This time, we have completed the installation 6 kW on the roof of the offices. During the first phase, 20 kW were installed on the location of the farm. In total the installation will have 50 kW.

We have also completed the installation of 100 kW at the Urieta Lazaro pig farm in Lécera, Zaragoza. Since the beginning of the year, 50% of the energy consumed on the farm came from the photovoltaic plant, so the farm has seen its electricity bill reduced by half. Javier Carroquino, director of technology and strategy, explains in a technical article published in the magazine Energética21 the development of the facility.

To read the full article, access the online magazine via the following link:


Article: "Self-supply in rural areas" (only Spanish version)

By Javier Carroquino, in Energética21 magazine

Pages 34 – 35