Last Friday, November 8th, Javier Carroquino, founding partner of Intergia Energía Sostenible S.L., participated in Presura 2019, the 3rd Fair for the Repopulation of Rural Spain, where he spoke about sustainable energy as a vehicle for development of the sparsely populated Spain.

The Presura Fair aims to encourage the repopulation of the rural sector, informing the public of the opportunities that this world offers, both on a personal and professional level. To this end, the tools that are available today to anyone who wishes to set up a business idea or an entrepreneurial project outside the urban environment in a sustainable way are shown. The objective is to reactivate the value and wealth of the villages in Spain, providing their inhabitants with a dignified and energy sustainable life.

Presura 2019 edition took place the days 8th, 9th and 10th of November and brought together more than 150,000 people, including the main players in the rural environment in Spain. Within the framework of this meeting, 11 round tables were held with 58 speakers from the world of entrepreneurship, experts, academics, politicians, etc.

At Friday’s round table, the first to be held in this year’s edition, “Energy for Rural Sustainability” was discussed. As discussion partners during the talk, Rosario Alcantarilla, member of the MUTI Association, Victor Navazo, from the Department of Social Innovation of Red Eléctrica Española, and as moderator, Fernando Rubio, from Megara Energía Huelva.

During the talk, it became clear how efficient and sustainable energy in rural environments helps to generate more efficient farms. Micro-energy networks and isolated systems in the rural environment were discussed for the empowerment of small villages from an energy point of view. The importance of creating a rural energy community to improve the energy sustainability of villages was also presented.

In short, it was stated that the rural environment in Spain is also a key player in the energy revolution that is taking place in our century, without whose development we will not be able to advance.