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At the beginning of the year, SMA Iberica presented its Partner Program 2020, dedicated to the premium installers of the brand’s products.

This program presents a system of two-way collaboration between the brand and the installer, who pursue common objectives. It means not only a series of advantages for the installer and distributor, but it also benefits the final customer. During the course of the project, the customer is involved, with their needs, ideas and requests; the installer, as the professional who executes the work; the distributor, for the logistics work and supply of the required material; and SMA, as the supplier of the technology.

The program, which was already implemented in Australia and Italy, and which now arrives in Spain, constitutes the commitment of the world’s leading solar inverter company to confirm its position in the residential and commercial market and to promote the boom in photovoltaic solar energy in the country.

Currently, the program already has 30 affiliates. Solar Partners must meet a series of requirements in order to be part of the program, always based on the quality standards and professionalism of the installers.

In this context, Intergia has been admitted into the program, which has rewarded its professionalism as a photovoltaic installer.

SMA Solar Partner_team

The Intergia team, with the SMA accreditation plaque

Intergia is one of the three Solar Partners of SMA currently located in Aragon.

In the following link you can access an interactive map to find your nearest SMA-qualified installer: