As the name Intergia (Energy and Sustainability) indicates, our activity does not only consist of engineering and photovoltaic installations. We include within our expertise the study of solutions for sustainability in the rural world. On this occasion we have taken on a somewhat peculiar commission from the Azuara Town Council: the design and installation of a green corridor.

According to Jack Ahern (1995), one of the forerunners of the international green corridors movement, these are portions of land containing linear landscape elements, planned or unplanned, that allow multiple ecological, social, cultural, aesthetic and any other uses compatible with sustainable land use. This type of sustainable infrastructure has much to contribute as a tool for improving nature-society relations, which is the purpose of Sustainable Development Goal 11: the development of sustainable cities.

In this context, the Town Council of Azuara, a town in the province of Zaragoza and the region of Campo de Belchite, has promoted the creation of a green corridor in the vicinity of the municipality, for the revitalisation and greening of paths for pedestrians and sportsmen and women. The corridor has been given the name “Green Heart” (in Spanish, “Corazón Verde”), because the shape of its route resembles the outline of a human heart.


The “Green Heart” of Azuara is a closed route that starts inside the park next to the town hall, in Diseminados street, encloses the sports pavilion and runs parallel to the river Cámaras, to go straight back and flow back into the park. It is 910 metres long (approximately 10 minutes on foot) and has several points of interest that enliven the route and fulfil various useful functions for pedestrians and sportsmen and women: in the park, where the route begins, a calisthenics circuit has been installed, with structures for various exercises; close to the sports pavilion there is a bicycle repair post and a bicycle parking area; there are two information panels, one that tells us about the history and characteristics of the poplar tree, together with a bench in the shade of this centenary tree, and another one that tells us about the Romanesque chapel of San Nicolás de Bari, located on the other bank of the river Cámaras, which you can see if you sit on the bench next to the panel; two areas set up as picnic areas, with tables and recycling bins; and finally, the “Green Heart” mural, which awaits us almost at the end of the route.

The entire route is signposted by arrows and bollards placed at the edges of the path, and at the beginning of the route we can consult both the outline of the path and the locations of the different points of interest on the map that we will find in the centre of the park, which leads off the path. We can also find, next to the path, kilometre markers for 200, 400, 600 and 800 metres.

The inauguration of the “Green Heart” of Azuara will take place on Saturday 10th September.

At Intergia we look for sustainability solutions in rural areas and we help local councils to implement their projects. Do not hesitate to contact us.