The Spanish wine sector was one of the key actors in the conference “Climate Change and Biodiversity” within the framework of the COP25, organized by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, last December 5th.

The Interprofessional Organization of Wine of Spain (OIVE), the Technological Platform of Wine (PTV) and the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) participated in this conference as spokespersons for the sector. Also present were Spanish Agro-Food Cooperatives, the Agrarian Association of Young Farmers (Asaja), the Union of Small Farmers and Cattlemen (UPA), the Coordinator of Farmers’ and Cattlemen’s Organizations (COAG), among other institutions.

The importance of this sector lies in its potential to combat climate change, promoting social and cultural sustainability, as a driver of the rural environment and an important economic engine of the country. This potential has already been demonstrated through the successful achievement of several R+D+i projects in the field of sustainability, such as the European LIFE REWIND Project, which promotes renewable energies in the wine sector.