Source of the photo: Wine Technology Platform 12/20/2019

The Wine Technology Platform (PTV) has decided on the resolution of its “Innovation Awards 2019”, where it awards projects and initiatives aimed at improving the competitiveness of the Spanish wine sector. The awards consist of three different categories: “Young Researcher”, “R+D+i Project (individual and consortium)” and an “Honorary Award”.

During the event, held on December 19th in Madrid, the prizes were awarded to the winners in the corresponding categories and, in addition, six honourable mentions were presented to the finalists in each category. In this context, the PTV has recognized the work of Intergia Energía Sostenible (Intergia) in the category of “R+D+i consortium project”, for its participation in the LIFE REWIND Project.

The LIFE REWIND Project, “Renewable Energy in the Wine Industry”, is a demonstration of the integration of cost-effective small-scale renewable energy systems in the agro-food industry and rural areas, in particular in the wine sector. The project has been developed by the University of Zaragoza (coordinator), in collaboration with the Laboratory for Research in Fluid Dynamics and Combustion Technologies (LIFTEC) of the CSIC, Viñas del Vero and Intergia Energía Sostenible (Intergia).

The Wine Technology Platform (PTV) is an association aimed at promoting a strategy for research, innovation and technological development in the Spanish wine sector, functioning as a meeting point between all the agents involved in it.

Diploma Premios Innovacion 2019 PTV